The binder production facility of the Inknovators located in Çorlu, covers a total surface of over 15000 m2 indoor area with an annual production capacity of 80.000 tons. (For ink manufacturers &r otary printers)

Our Water Based Inks, Sublimation Inks & Plastisol ink production center is also located in Corlu, covering a 4000 m2 indoor area with an aggregate annual production capacity of 10.000 tons.

The production is destined for all worldwide markets. we use the latest technology, with automatic control and supervision systems.

Of particular importance in the whole process, is quality control starting with raw materials. Safeguarding the environment and health protection in the workplace are essential factors, which further improve Inknovators’ productive activities.

Inknovators’ pioneering spirit is also reflected in our e-technical services
which are provided 7/24 hours to the clients worldwide.